Breastfeeding (and soon to be) Mama’s; you CAN do this!

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To all the mama’s and soon to be mama’s out there who want to breastfeed but are scared; I was scared too! As a first generation breastfeeder the idea of being able to keep my baby nourished from just my body was soo intimidating! The fact that I’d never seen anyone breastfeeding before made it worse because I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t trust my body and I worried that I’d fail. I wanted my baby to have the best, but; 

What if my best wasn’t good enough??

I worried that I wouldn’t have enough of a supply, I worried that (like my mom) I would have horrible pain & cracking & infections to the point where I just couldn’t do it. I worried that my baby might have a tongue or lip tie or shallow latch or about how we might get thrush, clogged ducts, or mastitis. I even worried that maybe my worrying would damage my supply. I worried that it would just be too hard… And to be honest, at first, it IS hard…

The latch, the let-downs, the nipple pain and cluster feedings, the up-all-nights, the leaking, the breast pads and creams, the “did they eat enough???”‘s and the “am I feeding them too much??”‘s, the questions and second guesses, the “I don’t know what I’m doing!”‘s, it’s hard, it’s sooo hard. But:

Not for long.

In reality, by 2 months in, I was past all of those things. Not only does the ‘hard’ part pass quickly, but also know that:

It’s worth it.
It’s worth ALL of it, and then some!

The snuggles, the cuddles, the milkies on baby’s chin, the smiles while still latched on, the giggles and squiggles and yoga poses, the calming cranky babies, the soothing of owies, the drifting peacefully to sleepies, the knowing your baby is getting the best nutrition, the pride of watching them grow healthy, strong and smart; the attachment, the bond, the being your babies everything, it’s worth it! It’s worth every bit of it.

It gets easier, the nipple pain goes away, so do the cluster feedings and leaking and up-all-nights. You gain confidence, not only in breastfeeding, but in your abilities as a mother, woman and advocate for your child’s well being. You CAN do this, your body nourished your baby inside of you for 9 months and can do the same from the outside too. Trust in your body, trust in yourself.

You CAN do this, and it IS worth it.

***Disclaimer: This is meant to be a letter of encouragement, positivity and moral support for Mama’s who want to breastfeed. I am NOT a doctor and this is not meant to be medical advice. We understand that there are situations where breastfeeding isn’t feasible and we wish express our sincerest condolences for those familes. In an effort to provide a supportive envioronment we ask that any comments made are kept positive and encouraging. If you feel led to share your experiences or to hear the experiences of others join our facebook group: MilkiesAndCookies