Teaching your toddler the ABC’s.

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I’m sharing this post in hopes of inspiring other parents to start teaching their babies as early as possible. Baby brains absorb everything and they love to learn! Read on to check out some of the simple activities we did to help my 1 year old daughter learn her letters.

    We’ve been working on letter recognition since my honey was about 10 months old. I used the alphabet song, foam letters and ABC board books to introduce her to the letters. Then, we started pointing out letters that we saw around us, on signs, clothes, etc.

We also have the alphabet hung up on the wall and find fun ways to go over it. Sometimes we use a flashlight or a drumstick to point at each letter as we name it or while singing the alphabet song.

Another fun letter game we play is asking her to find letters on an old computer keyboard. She likes searching the letters to find the right one, and she looooves pressing the buttons. 
    What I find most effective and entertaining for my little honey is to sit with her and draw the letters. I write them and then ask her to name the letter. She loves it and has favorite letters she asks me draw over and over again.
    Now, at a year and a half, she can identify every uppercase letter and about half of the lowercase letters. I am so proud of her! She’s doing so great that we’ve started her pre-k curriculum early. I’ve started doing a Letter of the Day with her. 

Essentially, I just typed each letter large enough to fill a whole page and printed them out. Each day, I take one out for her to color using crayons, markers, pens, pencils and even bingo dot markers. Then, we find stickers of things that start with the letter of the day and put them on the letter.
    Throughout the day, we come back to the letter sheet and do a bit more coloring or stickering. I also try to point out things we see or do that start with our letter. For example, today our letter was ‘M’ and I said things like:

Me: “Oh! There’s a picture of a monkey, monkey starts with M! M for…..?”

Her:  “Monkey!” 

Me: “Yes! M for Monkey! What else is M for? Hmm… M for….?”

Her: “Mama!”

Me: “Yes! M for Mama! Yay!”

    I’m soo proud of my little sweetie and I hope these tips will help other parents teach their little ones. Just keep it fun and try to incorporate your “lessons” into everyday life.

Check out the following list of ideas to help  devlop your child’s ability to identify the letters of the alphabet.

Ways to teach your toddler to recognize the alphabet: 
*Sing abc’s.

*Hang alphabet letters on the wall, point to each letter as you sing the abc’s slowly.
*Point out letters when you see them.
*Ask, “What letter is this?” Wait a few seconds, then tell them.
*Play letter games
*Use foam letters in the bath & for easy letter games anywhere. Lay out a couple letters and ask them to find a specific letter, etc..
*Use letter magnets to make up games. Try handing your little one a letter, tell them what letter they have and ask them to put it on the fridge, once there are a few on there, ask them to find a specific letter for you.
*Write a letter, tell them what letter you drew and let them color over it.
*Do a ‘Letter of the Day’ project.
Keep it simple: write or print the letter, let them trace and color on it.
To make it more fun, let them paint it or glue things to it or use stickers or stamps on it.

    Check out my pinterest curriculum board for more fun and creative ways to teach little ones all about letters and more: