Arts & Craps: Paper Cakes

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Hi Everyone! Today I’m sharing a seriously simple craft that kept my 2 minions entertained for a long time! They actually wanted to keep coming back to it throughout the day to redecorate their cakes.

I gave Miss 4 a peice of paper and a marker and had her trace two circles. Then, she practiced using her safety scizzors to cut them out. They both had fun using crayons to color “icing” onto their cakes but when they started to get bored with it, I decided to break out the “decorations” aka some sparkles and glittery type things we had in our Arts and Craps stuff. It was a huuuuge hit! They each decorated their cakes in their own special ways and they loved to dump the decorations off and start again, over and over and over again! I love my kids more than life, but a good, simple activity that buys me enough time to drink my coffee in peace and also inspires creativity while strengthening fine motor skills and hand eye coordination is priceless!

**Stay tuned for my post on play-doh cakes! Similar concept with a million ways to make it your own.